Mir is not only interesting, he’s living for music. I am glad to post this interview today! All his story and his experience is there, waiting for you to read it!

Mir for Rouge Vis

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Telling a story without saying any word and conveying emotions through music, this is what Mir is excellent at! He gonna tell you what brought him here and how good he is ! Follow me !

First a short description of Mir

I’m a russian-american producer originally from Ohio, now living in NYC the last couple years. I was a guitarist in a rock band in high school and in one in college. Music was just a fun hobby until I started producing early last year; producing is where everything clicked for me, being able make an entire song out of nothing was really interesting to me. After I started producing i quickly developed a strong passion for it unlike any i’ve felt before for anything else. I realized that long term i want to make a career out of music, and now I’m working in all my free time to get there.

Then a description of his style

I make melodic trap with a wide variety of influences. I like to think coming from a guitar background gives me a unique perspective on electronic production; I didn’t listen to EDM until I started producing it and I still get a lot of influence from rock and funk music. Expressing emotion through my melodies is my main focus with my productions, I really want each song to make you feel something. Recently since i’ve started playing shows I’ve started working on music that I could play out at a show so that one day I can play mostly my own music in my sets.

  • Can you tell me why did you choose to call you Mir ? Is there any kind of reference to anything ? And what about the rose ?

Mir means world and peace in Russian. It has a double meaning. That’s how I came up with it. I like the message it has. It’s a powerful word in Russian. I try to connects all sort of people through my music. It’s also short and memorable. The rose is interesting because that’s something special as it creates a natural connection to Mir and I like its visual. It doesn’t have a specific meaning. Also it calls back to my Russian heritage. My parents grew up in Russia and we move to America when I was four years old. It’s a big part of my identity. all my extended family is still in Russia.

  • Your SoundCloud’s description mention that you’re a guitarist. How much important is the guitar in your production. Did it lead you to produce your own tracks ?

Definitely very important. That’s how I got into music in general. I don’t think I’d have produced If I haven’t start playing guitar. I started playing when I was 15 and I played in a rock band in high school. It was only me and a drummer. We even made an album ! I tried to sing on that album you know. We’ve done a couple shows too, it was a lot of fun. I played then in a band when I was in college. I didn’t start producing until early 2017. I learned pretty quickly I think mostly because of my guitar background. I’ve been through music theory with guitar and I practiced melodies and things like that. I always liked creating my own music. I didn’t really liked learning other people’s tracks by doing covers. I never enjoyed that. I think everything really clicked for me when I started producing because it was not only about playing guitar, it was also about making the background instruments. I was making the chords and the lead, drums etc… I was being able to create a whole song out of nothing basically. I was able to express myself through music in a way that I couldn’t using only words.

  • You’ve released a track called Athena  10 months ago which is the most successful song on your SoundCloud. What’s the story behind it ? How it feels to see people remixing what you’ve produced ?

It was definitely very cool ! That was a turning point for me because that track was when I was not taking music production as serious as today. I got positives responses to it and it started to feel real. It inspired me and motivated me to keep making music. It got me so much attention from other producers that it got me more into the “producers community”. It was nice of having a track to show that I can produce something. It was definitely a big turning point. It wasn’t until probably “Resistance” that I was really able to top “Athena” and get a track out there that people liked a lot more even !

  • How precisely the labels you’re working with helped you ? I’m talking about Phuture Collective, Bonsai collective and Magnified Art Alliance.

I haven’t actually release any tracks on labels yet but I am on the roster of Bonsai Collective and of Magnified Art Alliance. I’m part of both of those collective and I am very involved with these two. Bonsai in particular has been very helpful. I’d not be where I am without them. Bonsai is run by Capshun and Paaus. I’m on the roster along four other producers. We have our exclusive releases and we have our own community on Discord as well. That whole community helped me a lot learning music production. I learned a lot talking to them. I’ve got really great feedbacks and advices from the team and especially from Capshun and Paaus. They have been mentors to me in a way. Bonsai has been definitely huge for me. I get also some mentorship from Michael from Phuture Collective as you mentioned it. We talk every week or so and he has been very helpful. These experienced helped me to navigate in the music industry a lot better. he has taught me a lot about how to work efficiently or things like organisation. He has been extremely helpful. To go back to Bonsai Collective, I’ll have certainly a release there this year.

  • How special was it to remix a song from Madson ?
    How have you done this track ?

I have been a fan of Madson for a while now. I really like his music and his style. Basically, he tweeted about a remix competition for one of his song. I saw a good opportunity as a big fan. Being able to use his vocals and take it in a new direction was really exciting for me. I was very inspired. I made the whole track in a few days. I wanted to do well in that competition hoping to get on the official release. When he announced the winners, and that he announced I won, it was really incredible for me. It was the first time I’ve done a remix competition. Winning was a great feeling and especially since I was a big fan of him. It definitely meant a lot.

  • Have you ever done live shows ?

I’ve not done a lot of shows yet. I’ve been DJ once in a bar. As Mir I played in an open mic set at Bonnaroo this year and then I also did another open mic session showcase. I have my first official show on October 25th. It hasn’t been announced yet (now it is) but I’m really exciting for that! The open mic set of Bonnaroo was definitely very cool. Bonnaroo is my favourite music festival. I’ve gone there three times now, I go every year. Just being able to perform there was really really amazing. Performing on a real stage there was a huge goal of mine. It’s the first time I heard my music on big loud speakers. It was a cool experience. I’m really looking forward to the show on the 25th ! I gonna be able to do a whole hour set and at a real venue in New York. I’m extremely exciting for that !

There’s a group in NYC called Sundae Saauce. They throw shows usually every two or three weeks and they have a lot of upcoming artists. You can tell that they have a good eye on what is coming up next. I go to every single show and it is a big goal of mine to play there !

  • Finally, I’d like to learn more about my favourite track you’ve done: Resistance! Can you tell us more about it ?

When I’m composing I try to make music that makes other people feeling something. “Resistance” is the most pure version of that. I was trying to channel that feeling of overcoming obstacles, overcoming that resistance within yourself. It’s about internal resistance that stops you from achieving your goals, which makes you doubt of yourself. I really liked the melody that came out of that. It took me a while to finish that one. It was hard to find the right drums and the right bass. It’s interesting to tell a story just through instrumentals. I thought that with that one I was able to do that !

It was truly interesting to have an interview with Mir. Now it’s over but you still can follow him on his social account following the links below !

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