Happy to talk about Lusson today! She is the first woman we had the chance to interview here on Rouge Vis! And we are proud of it! Come discover this Irish lady who loves EDM!

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It’s hard to find a female “touch” in the world of music production. But it’s here. It exists. So we must talk about it and give the floor to the first concerned. Today we welcome Lusson! She is Irish and has EDM in her blood!

Who is Lusson? What is behind this character? Where does Lusson came from?

My surname is Lusson, it sounds french so it’s strange around here because I live in Ireland and everybody has different surname. I started using that as my DJ name when I used to DJ for small venues and clubs or for discos for underaged kids in the community. I’ve always said Lusson, so it started like that. Lusson is me in an essence. I got into electronic music when I was about 12 years old. And from the moment I saw Animals from Martin Garrix I decided I wanted to be a DJ. I got stuck with it and it’s now my passion in life.

What brought you to Martin Garrix?

I never really listened to him because I used to listen to chart music or whatever was on. Then my cousin was really into Avicii and Spinnin Records when it first came out. So whenever I first heard of Avicii and his track Levels I thought it was the coolest track in the world. Then I got into Swedish House Mafia, Martin Garrixand a bunch of progressive artists. Eventually I started to develop my own progressive style which became the first couple tracks of Lusson.

We have to talk about this radio format you’re uploading on SoundCloud! It’s called LUX. Can you give a brief overview?

Back in the day, I lived in a small town in Ireland so whenever I was doing gigs I had to play a lot of popular music or things that appeal to a “normal audience” that is not really listening to dance music or EDM. I didn’t have a place to mix my own tracks. Then I did a radio show years ago called Pyrotechnics when I first started to mix. It was terrible but it was funny how bad it was! Later I got proper equipment and I really got into it. I do it all with my decks, I don’t do it on programs like FL or Ableton because it’s how I practice. At the same time I can show off my friends tracks and the tracks that I like. It all came from that. About the name Lux, I wanted the title to have something with Lusson like Hardwell did with Hardwell on air or Martin Garrix’s show. It’s Lux by Lusson. That’s how it all started.

When I started making my mix they kept getting taken down constantly and I nearly lost my soundcloud account a couple times. It’s a struggle. Nowadays I use a Creative Common License. It’s not my music, I don’t have the permission to share it, no one can download the mix, it’s like an exposition for other artists. It’s way easier to work with smaller artists as they let you have more freedom using their songs!

How do you prepare a LUX session? What is your goal by doing that?

At the start of the month I will be listening to music on labels or even promotion channels like Proximity ot MrSuicideSheep. When I have a track that I like I write it down in my notes. Then once I have 20 tracks I put them together with an exclusive track from an artist. I first get them on Beatport and then I put them in Rekordbox. I spend around an hour or two figuring out the best way of playing them together. Finally I record the mix which is about 1h, 1h30! If you mess up on one tiny thing you have to start again! It’s great fun actually! I also record my voice with my mic in my studio and stick it on top. I then upload the final mix on SoundCloud! That’s the way I do it. In total it takes me about one week of work.

What about the LUX GUEST sessions? Which session was your favorite?

It depends! I really like the Henry Brenco one because I listen to that a lot! It has really cool techno in it and I recently got into Dark Techno. Also because he recorded his own voice for this Lux Guest it was interesting. The style of this mix was something that I would be listening to but I didn’t listen to a lot. He showed me the genre! That’s maybe why I truly appreciate this mix.

Have you ever work with a label? What have been your experience so far?

I have never worked on big labels. I actually worked with Henry Breco and Robin Tayger’s label called BassBox. I have done a remix of Henry Breco’s track Asymetric which has been released on this label. It’s not so professional but BassBox label is doing things well! They promote you out there etc.. It’s a solid label anyway!

The last original mix you have made is called Avalanche featuring Heather Sommer. How did this track came live?

I was actually in France at my grandmother’s farm! There is not much to do there so I brought my laptop with me. One day I had this tune stuck in my head and I thought it was something I heard on the radio. Then I tried to pull the melody out of my head and to write it down as a track. I contacted a number of vocalists to go with the song. Heather Sommer answered me right away saying “yeah I want to work on this track! It sounds really cool!”. After a couple weeks of back and forth, we got it done! It was done about six months before we actually released it. I was waiting for the right time. I am really happy how it turned out! I think it’s my favourite track that I made so far.

You also have a big interest into remixes. Why?

Yes and no because for example my last remix that I did was an original mix until I heard vocals that would be perfect on top of it! I actually did the entire track and then added the vocals. So in a way it’s a remix. I have so many tracks that are started as originals and then I hear something that would sounds so good with that! Also sometimes I am listening to a song and I love it but I wished the artist had done this or that with it. That’s maybe why I do remixes sometime.

Finally, do you have any future plan, EP, collaboration, venue?

I am gonna keep up the sessions. They’ll stay uploaded hopefully (haha). Then I have a lot of collaborations coming up! I’m not going to say too much about it at the moment because I work a lot at school! I don’t have a lot of time these days.. However producing is my number one priority!

To talk about venue, I did a gig in Mayo. It’s sounds weird because it’s in the middle of nowhere! It was more like a backyard festival with five hundred people there dancing to whatever you put on. It was a lot of fun! It was my first set outside any local party, club or pub gigs in Galway. My life in Galway is great as the DJ society is very helpful! I’ll do more venue in the near future!

It was a great opportunity for us to have a talk with Lusson! Let’s go follow her on SoundCloud and on her social media using the links below! See you!

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