Rouge Vis is glad to talk about KNVL today ! The interviews are coming back – after several days of rest – with a brilliant artist ! He got a unique groove thanks to a meticulous work on the drums. Come read this interview and you’ll see why.
KNVL for Rouge Vis

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KNVL is a lovely Kenyan artist. I discovered his work thanks to Mir who retweeted one of Rouge Vis’ tweet saying we were looking for new artists. KNVL showed up and say he was intersted. His music must be highlighted. Let’s see what he will say in this interview ! Let’s go !

  • Who are you ?

I am an artist and producer from Kenya. To the people that I’ve met through my music and online I’m KNVL. Everyone else knows me as Neville though.

  • How did you start making music ? What got you into it ?

I got into making music in the most random way. It was my first year of university and I happened to be at a friend’s place while he was working on a beat so while I was there chilling on the sidelines I guess something was sparked inside me – it just seemed like the kind of thing I should be doing. Once I got home that day, I went and installed FL Studio on my computer. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time or what kind of music I wanted to make – I just knew I wanted to work on music and enjoyed the process of learning and exploring. That’s what got me started and I’m glad that even a couple of years later, I still keep learning new things and improving my skills.

  • What is for you the best description of your style and why ?

I make beats influenced by Hip-Hop, R&B, and Baile Funk mainly – I think that’s as precise as I can get with my description. I like to keep it simple.

  • Where did this groove you have come from ? Any inspirations you had ?

I don’t know, it’s just what feels natural to me. I think it’s probably from all the jazz and hip-hop records I’ve listened to over the years. Plus I’m African so you know our music usually has that groove. I have realized that whatever I listen to over and over will always end up influencing my sound in some way.

People that have inspired me include J Dilla of course, Madlib, Dre, Timbaland, and a lot of artists I’ve discovered on soundcloud over the past few years such as Sango, J.Robb, Wayne Valentine, and K, Le Maestro. That’s just a few off the top of my head, there’s definitely a lot of people that have been sources of inspiration at certain points during my journey so far.

  • Why are you using this even grey profile picture ? Is there any purpose behind it ?

Actually, no there’s no special meaning or purpose. I’ve just been using different colours as my profile picture based on whatever I’m feeling at the time.

  • “Drive me crazy” is the most listened track you’ve done so far. How can you explain this success ?

That’s one of my favourite tracks that I have released so far. I was really feeling it before it dropped so I expected a few people to feel the same way about it. I will have to admit though that the support I received went way beyond my expectations at the time. I’m really grateful to everyone that listened to and shared it because they all played a part in that success. The track also got a big boost when Joe Kay played it on Soulection Radio. That was a dream come true since I had been a fan of the radio show for a long time and it helped me reach a lot of new people so I’m thankful for that.

  • How did your story with Bump Your Neck start ?

Bump Your Neck was one of the first platforms to show support for my music. After getting played on the radio show a couple of times we just got to talking. I had a lot of respect for what Swave, who at the time was running it by himself, was doing and we had a similar vision for the future so joining the team was an easy decision.

  • Did you have any other experience similar to Bump Your Neck ? Have you ever been in contact with a label ?

I’ve had a lot of positive experiences working with other people in the scene. There’s the Stay Cool family, led by seangran, who’ve both supported my craft and exposed me to other dope artists. I have a track on their ‘Altogether: Part 3’ compilation which will be out soon.

I also recently released a track with Sosodality, which is another really dope label. There’ll probably be more soon – I am always down to work with more people that I believe in.

  • Speaking of collaboration, you’ve released a track called “Here with you” couple days ago. How was the collaboration with LaVera ?

Well LaVera is one of my favourite artists and I knew from the start that our styles would work well together. She is a delight to work with and incredibly talented so it was a great experience and I am really happy with how that track turned out. Hopefully we will work together some more in the future.

  • Finally, do you have any future project or idea you’re working on ?

I am always working on new music, which you’ll definitely hear soon, and projects both on my own and with Bump Your Neck so keep an eye out. At the moment it’s too early to make announcements on the projects though.

It was very interesting to have KNVL ! I hope you have discovered a new artist thanks to this interview and I hope you gonna follow this underrated artist ! Here are the links :

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