We are definitely in love with BassCreatures roster ! Today we are talking to Incandescent, an inspiring Canadian artist ! Come discover his work!
Incandescent for Rouge Vis

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With a refined logo, a beautifully controlled aesthetic universe, Incandescent is a real eye-catcher, but not only. Indeed, he is gifted for electronic music that he discovered after being immersed in rock/metal culture for years. He will tell you about this!

How could you describe the character of Incandescent ?

So I go by the name Incandescent and I make bass music of more than one genre. I am from Toronto and I make a pretty wide variety of music but there is a consistency in drum & bass. Generally I kinda make a bit of everything.

What is the story behind your name and your “logo” ?

Actual Incandescent’s logo

The name Incandescent wasn’t really any one particular thing to happen. If I put everything’s in order, I came up first with the visualize side of it. I always have been a big fan of artist having a distinctive visual image, guys like Feed Me, Justice or DeadMau5 who have a definitive logo even if it’s more like an artwork. The whole Incandescent bulb idea came from there. That’s how I started and I just thought Incandescent was an odd word. If you hear that word it’s hard to judge what that would means so I like the fact that it is ambiguous. There is not a big crazy story about where this name came from to be honest. Unfortunately people misspell it haha ! It became more like a running gag which is kind of funny!

Your style is close to hardcore/industrial electronic music. How did you end up there?

I am playing guitar since I am 10 so I did play in band for a while. To be honest I didn’t listen to electronic music until I was 18, 19. I was much more into the punk rock, metal genre. When my friend showed me the electronic music I realized that you were not physically limited by your own playing abilities. The most frustrating thing in the world for me is the fact that I’d write things in my head but to not able to play it physically on guitar because it was too complicated. That what drove me into electronic music. However, there is one thing that I remember is listening to the song Kill Everybody from Skrillex. That was the first song I listened to where I was like “wait a minute, I want to do that”. I went to my friends asking what was Skrillex, asking if it was a band or something and they answered me it was one guy. I was amazed ! That’s how I started playing electronic music ! I don’t say that I don’t like working with other people. Playing in band is a lot of fun but there are definitely some frustrating parts. If you’re on stage playing you’re hoping that the singer will remember the lyrics, the drummer will get all the q’s and the bass player will even show up (haha). In a band there is a lot of relying on other people which can get annoying. Anyway, I always try to put some guitars or live instruments in my music.

What are your main inspirations ?

Overall, I listened to From First to Last, where Skrillex was playing, Justice, especially their first album and Feed Me. When I got into Feed Me’s music it was a big turn. The guy who’s Feed Me goes by the name Jon Goosh and he also produces Drum&Bass under the name Spor. It was when I got into Feed Me/Spor that I got obsessed with it.

If you’re remotely in the Drum&Bass go listen to Spor. Actually he was producing under the name Spor before the whole Feed Me project has started. He did also a bunch of songs with KillTheNoise before KillTheNoise became KillTheNoise (haha). Today he kinda goes back and forth between Feed Me and Spor! I’ve actually seen him live playing under each different aliases and I find pretty impressive that you can actually do that.

Why do you produce Drum&Bass today ? Apart from your inspirations, what drive you into this genre ?

Yes, so for me Drum&Bass is hard to make! It’s a lot of effort in production-wise. It has always been at a very high level. I enjoy the challenge of making Drum&Bass because there is some genre you can get away without a lot of production skills while in Drum&Bass you really can’t. You can’t cheat anything. The more I was getting into bass music the more I was gravitating around D&B. Also I find live sets amazing! Drum&Bass is very fun to see live because it’s very fast and energetic!

Are you gonna make other track like the Wilkinson remix called “Afterglow” ?

I did a remix of Wilkinson I called the 4am remix because I find this song appropriate at 4am for an after party! Listening to a 4am track at 4am is very sweet. It’s not always super aggressive intense bass music. I have never just done Drum&Bass, it’s a big part of what I do and it’s the way I produce my music but I have never been just a Drum&Bass producer. I have always done some stuff at 140 bpm like dubstep or midtempo tracks. I won’t call myself a Drum&Bass producer because I do a lot of different stuff!

Does the fact of living in Toronto helped you in the music area ?

Of course! I mean I do think living in Toronto influence the stuff I make. I have couple friends who went to the same high school as Zeds Dead, it’s pretty cool! I actually saw him couple times and that definitely helped me doing bass music in general. There is a bit of everything in Toronto because it’s a huge city. There is not only one genre bigger than the other. I do think that helped.

What is your experience with Bass Creatures ?

Technically I had the second release ever on BassCreatures! It started because the person going with the name DrMurder which is Zack now did a facebook post or something for a radio show. For some reasons I sent them few songs and they liked them! They played them at their radio show at that time and they mentioned they were starting a new label! I also actually had the first EP release on BC with my EP called Viral. It was really cool to be able to do that with them ! I have been in Montreal a couple time to play with them there. François and Pierre came down too from France. That was pretty cool to meet them in person ! When you talk to people on Facebook or whatever over a long time you need to meet them in real life to put the name on a face. I am not releasing only with them but it’s definitely a great experience and there is potentially more coming in the future !

What about South Side Dubstars United Kingdom ?

SSDUK is organised through …. and we have some mutual friends from Shambhala in Western Canada. He was playing at a festival I was playing in Quebec and we met there. I proposed him to make a song and we actually made a track. It was at this moment he told me he was working closely with SSDUK and advised me to send them my EP. I sent them 4 songs and they released it, it’s called Iris. At one point it was the n°1 in the left field based genre on Beatport, it was the n°1 release for a day of two. It was pretty crazy! I have some stuff coming up with them! They are really cool guys.

Any news for the future or your current events ?

In terms of shows, I don’t have too much plans, at least in North America. A lot of the time there is an application process to get into these festivals which happen in falls/winter. I applied to some of them, I would like to play live again. In terms of releases, I have an EP released couple days ago on Abysmal Entities named November Nights. It is a 140 dubstep EP more spacey/atmospheric than I usually do. For me it’s the best work I have done so far. One of the songs in the EP is called November Nights so they thought it was appropriate to release it in November. That’s all what this EP is about. I started writing this EP in a late afternoon November’s light. As you get closer to December the days are starting to get shorter. That’s basically where the name came from!

There is also Hush, a remix of Raw I have released on BassCreatures. I also have 25 unfinished projects. I might try to finish them (haha). I have a big white board with all these songs I want to finish, collaborations I want to do and remixes I want to produce!

It was a pleasure to continue this collaboration with BassCreatures by interviewing Incandescent. You definitely have to follow him on all his social media to keep updated! He is truly doing a great job!

by Maksance ©RougeVis