We are happy today to talk about BeatFort for this first November interview! First interview from our collaboration with Master of Dubstep too! Come discover this unusual artist !

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We met BeatFort on the discord of the Master Of Dubstep collective a month ago. Today it is now his turn to have the opportunity to talk about his style and his music. So follow me and you will discover this artist !

  • Who is Beatfort ? What is the character you tried to create ?

BeatFort is (mainly) a dubstep producer from Kazakhstan, Astana. Now I am a multigenre producer with couple side projects. I never tried to create a character, because I don’t know how to do this

  • What is the story behind you picture ?

This logo was made by my friend Haste. My previous logos were really into knight theme as I like medieval stuff. I only paid him a dollar because that’s all I had at that moment.

  • How did you discover electronic music ? What did give you the love of making music ?

I started to making music after couple years as my elder brother stopped making his own music hah. He was trying to do DnB music, but after couple tries he stopped. At that time I was listening more and more at some dubstep mixes on YouTube which made me love this genre. I think this mix was on Berzox YouTube channel. I discovered electronic music by listening to music on my brothers’ phone haha. Then I found Soundcloud where I created my first artist account. The love of making music brought me to some famous soundcloud producers such as Tim Ismag, Tristam, EH!DE, Alpha Noize, Panda Eyes or Benga (actually I I used to hate him for couple time after my brother put his track “26 Basslines” over and over again for 2-3 weeks). Their tracks were so incredible for me when I discovered them! I like how they put melodic feelings in their tracks.

  • Why did you choose to make all these remixes ? Is there any special reason behind that ?

Not really. My reasons to make all this remixes are quite simple. Sometimes I like friends’ tracks and I just ask: “can I do remix on your track?”. Sometimes I wish to check my skills by entering remixes contest. However, the most of the remixes I have done so far were done for the love of the original tracks like my remix on Rival – In The Dark (ft. Max Landry). The Vocals of this track are MAGNIFICENT! Also my remix of the track Sekta – Timeless was a challenge for me because I didn’t know the exact notes of the song I was remixing. I solved that problem through listening. At first I found the chords on which this track was built. Then it was easy to find the melody. I spent 2 days finishing this remix.

  • The most listened track of your SC is a remix of the song called “Gunnas” from MoonBoy. How did you create this track ?

I started to create my remix on MOONBOY – Gunnas by choosing simple trap samples for the intro. Then I added a sub with wet arp sound. For the background I put some FX: downlifters, impact, crash, stadium claps and siren sound with a low volume. My idea for the intro was to settle an atmosphere and at the same to create a catchy sound. In build-up I added kick with cutoff filter and bring FX sounds again. Also I chopped vocals from this track to make the build-up unusual (the same with a kick pattern). In the drop I mixed kick with clap like in subgenre of Dubstep Riddim. After creating drums patterns for the drop I started to thinking about structure and idea for the drop. I got an atmospheric intro and a build-up, so a “kinda hard” drop would fit very well. Before this remix I have created some “long basslines” . I recycled this idea for the drop. I tried to make hard sound. I mixed 2 sounds which were playing at the same time to get fat structure. Then I put together couple filters to automate them. I made this to make the drop sounds different at some places in the remix. Later I added Flex Calibur vocals from his pack and some chant voices with snare rolls. Then I made a “take a break” part. It means that I included claps with snare roll to the drums in the end, just voice with arp and FX stuff. Finally I just did the same structure again but with filters to make 2nd drop a little bit different. That’s all.

  • You explored most of the dubstep genre (from melodic dub to riddim). Which path your music will take in the near future ?

My music gonna more and more melodic. I am a little bit tired to make dubstep and riddim “all the time”, so my future genres that I’ll explore will be melodic trap, future bass, melodic dubstep and some other melodic stuff. I wanna work now on my side project Sky Hunter.

  • How important is it for you to be part of all these labels ? What does it bring to you ?

It’s important to be part of labels because it helps me to meet new people, new music, new minds hah. You can ask for feedbacks or give feedbacks, help small or big artists, bring new ideas to collective. I love that !

  • How Master of Dubstep helped you ? Did they have a great impact on your production ?

MasterOfDubstep is a cool promotion channel on YouTube. They helped me grow up my audience! The owners of MOD (Mike and Sandra) are very positive, lovely and funny people. They are promoting small artists and I hope in the future they will be bigger than now. Shootout to the MOD community!

  • What is Black Aerolyte ? Can you told us more about the story behind this project?

Black Aerolyte is a group of producers: Blackster, Dubs Lion and me. They are my oldest amigos “in the game” . The Idea of making a group like this came in my head 2 years ago. I don’t remember actually when we created our group but I invited them to make it because we have different music styles. That’s the main reason why I persuade them to create something together. We only made one track so far but we will back soon.

  • Finally do you plan to attend any shows/events in 2018/2019 ?

No because I haven’t any skills for a DJ set. In the future I will try to be a DJ but now I need to finish college and make new tracks. I will find a time to be one, one day.

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