Today is a good day. A new interview is here ! A new interview from the collaboration with Master of Dubstep ! Let’s talk about Ampir3 !

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Indeed, pronounce “Empire” as the 3 stands for an E ! This inspiring artist has agreed to come down for an interview at Rouge Vis ! Let’s come and discover or rediscover this lovely artist from Germany !

Who are you and who is Ampir3 ?

I am Amsakan, I’m a music producer and DJ from Germany. I make music in the electro-house genre which I frequently describe as a mix of wild and dirty sounds with emotions in it through melodies and chords. I have also some roots from Sri Lanka.

How does your Sri Lanka roots influence you when you’re producing music ?

There is a link and I’ll use the lyrics of the track Never Give Up of my new EP as an example. I came up with the lyrics by thinking about the war in Sri Lanka which happened couple years ago. It had a huge impact on me. I wrote the lyrics with that thoughts in mind. I was thinking about how the people from Sri Lanka were fighting for their country. Also the way I make melodies and chords has something to do with my roots. Beside making music I’m also singing in Indian Carnatic music. Those styles influenced me in my music production. For me the most important thing is to tell a story through your music and bring emotions to other people.

Which inspirations/events brought you to electronic dance music ? Is any particular story ?

There is a story ! When I was 11 years old, I was hanging out at a friend’s house and we were playing around with our computers. Then my friend asked me if I knew Avicii and I didn’t. My friend showed me the song I Could Be The One with Nicky Romero and I was blown away by this music. I asked more of that music. Then he showed me songs like Levels which hit me. I said to myself “It’s a style I really like”. From that point I listened most of the time to Avicii’s music – He sadly passed away, few month ago… He was a legend. That’s how I get into electronic music. I then discovered other artists like Hardwell or Dannic and all those famous artists who were producing electronic dance music !

Is the track “Escape” released on Outertone Label is a representative track of what you’re doing currently within your song ?

Kind of. There are some elements in this track that I’m still using right now. But I also don’t use some musical elements I was playing with back then. It is just a track that represent my “mainstream” EDM side. The melody is an inspiration from Martin Garrix track Now that I’ve found you and the track by Mike Williams & Tiestö called I want you. For me this track is a combination of those two songs. Escape is half a mainstream EDM song and half an Ampir3 sound which represent the wildness and the emotional part of the song. It’s both.This song is a transition in my music production.

How was the production of your EP Fight ? Why did you choose to collaborate with Matrixed ?

It was pretty fun ! One idea of the track was already made by me before I met Matrixed. The way I meet him is pretty funny too. You know the Cambridge English Test ? I made that test once and Matrixed was there too. We met randomly on the oral exam day. We were asked to describe our rooms where we were living. Therefore I started to talk about my studio and the speakers I have, all my audio equipment! Then it was his turn and he said something very close to what I said to the class earlier. It was a total coincidence. We started then to be good friends and I showed him my idea I was working on. This is how we started to work together ! We were sharing knowledge and so on, it was pretty amazing ! Later on, the track Fighting Alone meant to be a collab between Matrixed, me and another guy. We finally did the track Matrixed and I because the third guy was not contributed to the song. It was again nice to work on that track as well. The thing is we didn’t know what to do with these tracks so we decided to make a EP out of it called Fight !

Why did you mention that it get supported by Duka Shan ? Did other artists, labels supported your music ?

I sent the track to Duka Shan and he adds it to a Spotify playlist ! I saw that as a cool gesture from him and a support on his side. That’s why I am mentioning it. I also sent tracks to other artists I knew. Some of the artists gave me feedback and advice as a support! So yeah I was and still today I am sending tracks to bigger artists than me to get some opinion about it !

What is your experience with Master of Dubstep ?

I found Master of Dubstep on another Discord server, one from a label called KillaBite Media. I randomly found Master of Dubstep there. I started a label two months ago and I began to release dubstep tracks. I was searching for people to promote it. It made sense to contact Master of Dubstep at that time. They are pretty nice guys ! They’re also German ! Nothing more to say haha !

Can you tell us more about your project label called Hacked Network. How/When/why did it start ?

Alright, so Hacked Network was a thought I had two or one year ago when I saw artists starting their own labels to release other people’s music on it. I started thinking, “how don’t you do the same?”. I like to support and give feedback to other artists. So I had this idea but I never realized it until August 11th of this year. I had the right motivation and the time to do it so I started from there. From there the Discord server started to grow and I learned more and more about the music business. As a summary, Hacked Network is a young platform that help small producers to grow ! That’s it.

Can you explain what is Ghost production ? Have you ever done any ?

To be honest I’ve never done any. It was just something that I wanted to do beside my music production. I wanted to make ghost production to grow my knowledge about music production. If you always focus on one genre then it could be difficult for me when it comes to technical things like mixing or mastering. If anyone want me to do ghost production, hit me up!

Today, Ampir3 is an EDM danse music genre artist. Is it gonna change in the near future ?

I sometimes do that. I like experimenting music in other genre. It happens when I’m bored to be honest. I had once an idea for a future bass track and I started to work on it. I posted it on Instagram and a friend of mine was asking for the idea as he liked it. I think working on different genre helps you to grow your knowledge in the music area. I might release tracks out of EDM danse music under another alias. I want Ampir3 to stay as Ampir3. May be in the future. I don’t know yet ! We will see !

Ampir3 has recently released a new Bootleg with the track Embrace from TIBA ! Let’s check this out ! 

Anyway, this interview is over, have a look at Ampir3 on SoundCloud following the links below ! Much love !

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